How do you like to eat your brownie?

The Traditional Way Right out of the bag! All of our brownies are individually wrapped so they stay fresh for up to 12 days. Consume without delay for maximum taste experience!

Bite Size Cut each brownie into six bite size pieces for a quick dessert that you and your guests will love!

With Ice Cream Top your favorite ice cream with your favorite brownie chunks! Or simply enjoy with a cold glass of milk. Yum!

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The best thing to happen to brownies since, well... chocolate.
Vermont Dark Chocolate Chevre - Half Dozen
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Consume without delay for maximum taste experience!

Dark Chocolate Chevre Brownie (Goat Cheese)

The famous brownie that beat Bobby Flay! We may have outdone ourselves with this one and admit it is a bit more daring than the others. Enjoy this unique twist on a classic cream cheese brownie. Creamy Chevre(goat cheese)makes this brownie irresistible!

Half Dozen  $23.00 
Dozen  $41.50   (Save $4.50)

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